Support Letter Instructions

Please send a letter of support to by e-mail to David Shipley at and cc

This WILL make a difference and help our grant!


Please address your letter as follows:

Colorado Broadband Deployment Board
1560 Broadway, Suite 1550
Denver, CO 80202

If possible, submit your letter in PDF or Word format.
Download word Template
* Use whatever text editing application you'd like, most applications will allow you to "export" or "save as" a PDF.

If neither of those is an option for you, simply EMAIL your letter and we’ll convert it to a submittable format for you.

  • Make it personal
    • Who is your internet provider now?
    • What problems are you experiencing? How is it impacting you?
    • What are your speeds?
    • What would you like to do that you can't (for example - streaming, gaming, home security cameras, manage large file downloads, teleconferencing, cellphone service boosting, etc.)?
    • Does poor internet impact your healthcare/telemedicine, your child's education, work, teleconferencing, etc.?
    • How would better internet change your lifestyle?
  • If you have a business also, please write a letter from your business. Letters from businesses and municipalities have a lot of weight.
  • Property value is not the message they want to hear, so please don’t include this as a reason.
  • Include the name of your neighborhood and your address.

If you want ideas, you can look at some of the support letters from other grants. Burland is one grant that has a lot of letters to review. Support Letters —>Navigate to Letters of support.

Thank you for your continued support! Don’t hesitate to drop either one of us a line if you have any questions.

Bev Long, Elk Falls Ranch and Chairperson for the Broadband Initiative

David Shipley, Vice President, South Park Telephone