Bring Fiber Optic Internet to Your Mountain Home!

Fiber optic Internet is the future of broadband reaching the fastest speeds available today (as fast as 1Gpbs).

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Working together with property owners and neighbors of Staunton State Park , Elk Falls Ranch , Mt. View Lakes & Woodside , we have a great opportunity to bring fiber-optic internet to our area.

With the partnership of South Park Telephone , our goal is to apply for a grant from the State of Colorado Broadband Deployment Fund in July.

*Click here to Learn more about why South Park Telephone is the right choice for a potential grant partner.

------- UPDATES! -------

First off, if you contributed your hard earned money to the Engineering and Feasibility study, thank you so much! We met our goal(10k) and the study is now complete. The results of that study were presented via Zoom meeting Saturday May 2nd. The presentation was recorded and an is available to us for limited time. Click here for a summary of the Study Results

Watch Zoom Presentation
Password: 6l$5$IeI
* The presentation is proprietary so please keep that in mind and do not share it outside of residents in the project area.

Thank you so much for your support so far!
On to the next steps:

next step: commit & agree to bring fiber optic to your home

Commit to fiber-optic internet service from SPT once it becomes available.

  • Sign a Commitment Form. We need at least 350 commitments out of 800 total lots.
  • Make a full payment of $500 or partial payment of $250 by June 30, 2020 with a final payment due upon receiving the grant. * Instructions for payment are included with the Commitment Form.
  • This is 100% refundable, if we are not awarded the grant.

The purpose of the Commitment and $500 payment is primarily to let our partner South Park Telephone (SPT) know that if they invest in the infrastructure, there are enough people who will sign up for their service. This is the fee to bring fiber from the main route to your home (referred to as the “last mile”). Considering that once the infrastructure is complete the last mile cost would be $2-3K, it is a great value.

Progress Goal: 350 commitments of 800 eligible lots


Step 2: submit letters of support

You can help us increase our chances of receiving the grant by submitting an online letter of support. Click here for instructions.

Step 3: submit Speed Test

We encourage all project area residents to participate in this exercise so we may present a good sample in the application. Click Here for Speed Test Instructions.